Welcome the wise Winter

The sunlight’s reign of gold ceded to hail and gale today as we pass through the turnstile into winter. I walked into the moonlit field and watched the dogs circle across stubbled grass.

Welcome the wise Winter

Grace and Power

Just one flower.. growing seeds. Grace is natural, coded, guaranteed.

Whales, Water, Wisdom

After years of shaking off religion I have come face to face with the living embodiment of true holiness…

Spirit of Summer

Opium poppies, unsheathed at night, float in the light of dawn… This large oil painting has emerged from some wild and wonderful sessions in the studio this past week.

Turning Point

After a week of wet mist, the sun showed up this evening as if it had never gone away… Happy Solstice, friends!

Preparing for Open Studios

Having fun completing new images for Open Studios – paint flying everywhere – not looking forward to the tidy-up…