Jubilant release!

Summer kisses us with warmth and shows us the fertile future Nature prepares for us over and over. I love the translucent touch of watercolour to convey life’s fine veils of self-renewal everywhere around us.

Hedgerow exuberance!

Inspired by my recent week on St Mary’s in the Isles of Scilly comes this glorious thrust, drip and tumble of oils on canvas! Zoom in close and you’ll find more surprises than I could have imagined. When paint and painter dance the dance of art and heart anything can happen…

Island Giants

These are one of the biggest surprises to me here on St Mary’s on the Isles of Scilly. Elegant giants watching over small rectangular flower fields and crowning coastal headlands..

Zennor’s remote groves

I was led by a restless longing for remoteness and a return to nature with my art materials.. Here in a hidden valley behind Zennor on the wild North Cornish Coast, I find a cottage hunkered down among last year’s broken bracken stalks where honeysuckle tendrils can let their tiny new leaves lick the tender air.. I am so happy to be drawing in nature again.

Spring Clean

My beloved studio – fit for action after a New Year cleanse! It can get quite built up and chaotic when I am working on a large painting or making studies of plant forms as I was during the Autumn and Winter .. This Spring I shall be teaching here again as well as making my own work and so it was time for a tidy up. I love my studio.

Room for Freedom

Happy New Year

Cool, fresh, clean and flowing – the air, the stream, the trees and my hand – this first January day, in Nature, among the woodland dwellings of New Mill, Cornwall.

Two Ears Between Them!

Heidi and Milo

These senile sweeties have two upright, one intermittent and one missing ear between them and Heidi has rubbed the hair off her nose by sticking it through the railings too often! I fell in love with them as I brought them to life with charcoal on paper and had a strong sense of how very loved and loving they are. This was a thoughtful birthday present commission for their doting and delighted owner.